Tissue Sampling Device .. Flyer

High Throughput Sampling.

DNA, RNA sample preparation, Tissue Biobanking.

Simple - Quick - Robust - Safe - Sealed.

Medical Genotyping. Food Traceability.


      Retains sample in device

      SBS automation friendly

      45mg sample size

      No knives or scalpels

      No cross-contamination

      Low-Profile less storage space


The BioBanker device simplifies sampling and biobanking of medical, environmental, or food tissue samples, for downstream biological or molecular analysis. A simple push-twist-pull movement excises and withdraws a standardised core sample of tissue. The device is then immediately locked into a standard, or barcoded SBS footprint test tube. This seals and protects the sample from cross contamination. The tube can contain an appropriate lysis buffer or preservative (e.g. RNALater, RNAssist). The unique windowed design of the sampling tip ensures immediate buffer impregnation or lysing of the cored sample, even if the tube is lying sideways or upside-down.

Download The BioBanker datasheet: DataSheet.pdf

Order a trial (non-sterile) BioBanker 16-pack (in plain tubes):

Volume Enquiries: Sterile, DNase/RNase free, 2D/1D tubes, pricing: b i o b a n k e r s a l e s AT a l t r a t e c h DOT c o m